One of Canada’s Top 30 wedding photographers based in Calgary, Alberta

~ WeddingBells Magazine

It takes a clever and observant photographer to exploit unusual settings to full effect—and get a laugh while doing it

~ Fearless Photographers

He brings a great energy to the day and is genuine, relaxed and fun. He is truly one of the best wedding photographers in Calgary!!

– Chrissy & Gord

As one of the top Calgary wedding photographers, Terence has documented over one-hundred weddings across North America. His love for exploration and embracing new challenges lends itself to his work as a photographer where he creates wedding images that constantly defy the average and seeks to create new norms in wedding photography. My whole life is based on being spontaneous – besides attending my own wedding and starting a family – the rest of my life is seat-of-my-pants lifestyle. This spontaneity and love of exploration and challenge is the same zeal that I bring to wedding photography. My photography style lends itself to documentary photography, while creating images in conditions that many may consider adverse – bright sunlight, dark shadows, cloudy skies and even rain – bring it all! I love a good challenge – in this we’ll create some jaw-dropping wedding photos together that will tell your wedding story for decades and generations to come. And also leave your friends jealous. And because industry accolades are always fun, I’ve won a number of Fearless Photographer awards, been chosen as one of Canada’s Top 30 wedding photographers and has had several features in global wedding publications – but you don’t really care about that, you just want beautiful photos of your wedding day – and that’s what I want for you as well.