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The Cats-Outta-The-Bag Maternity and Newborn Photography Sale

The Cats-Outta-The-Bag Maternity and Newborn Photography Sale
I posted this photo to my Facebook Page yesterday... That's right! That cat's outta the bag! Terra and I are finally, after 4 beautiful, but long years, are expecting our firstborn!  Words cannot possibly describe how ridiculously happy we are!  We don't know the exact date, or the sex or anything else but that's just all gravy to the wonderful news that I g[...]

50% awesomer – a TLAW portraiteraweseomest sale

It really is 50% awesomer if you can get a something at 50% off regular price. I've done the research and it shows that I'm 50% happier than normal when I pay 50% less. And I want you to be happy, but only in the month of October. Confused? Allllrighty then here's the deal. I'm offering up a SALE on my portrait sessions. That's right, a discount, savings, price reduc[...]

And the Winner is….

And the Winner is....
Charities across the country!  You all made this one of the most impossible tasks that I've ever ever ever had to take on and which is why it took me so long to choose a fantastic charity.  And you know what was even more awesome was that there was no replication of charities that were submitted.  Each and every single entry was unique!  At times, I felt as though I s[...]

Dhara & Jason: A Couple’s Session

Dhara & Jason: A Couple's Session
Hey look, yet another single image from a session that I recently shot...this is getting ridiculous so I'll have to make it up to myself by doing a full blog post one of these days.  But first, here's a sneak peek at Dhara and Jason's session.  Love the colors, but I love the love even more... Also, I wanted to remind all those who are reading this that my contest is[...]


I've always been a massive proponent of lending a hand.  I've probably started no less than 3 blog posts with that a similar sentence over the years and each time I say it, it just helps to reaffirm that belief.  This year is no different.  I've been fortunate that my life has been filled with opportunity, love, health, and a network of amazing friends and family.   A[...]