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I believe in creating things with my own hands as I love the feeling of connection and accomplishment.

I tell my daughter I’m going to buy her Lego, but secretly I’m hoping she won’t want to build it and I get to do it all by myself.

I believe in escaping to the mountains to go camping with my family because I want them to have a healthy respect for their environment.

I told my wife I needed an AWD vehicle and the only ones available were the luxury brands.

The iron clanking sound of barbell-on-barbell is my getaway. Just plug in the headphones and lift!

I have a weak spot for Modern Jelly donuts. A really really weak spot…and I’m not even ashamed.

I believe in big 10 course meals (including desert of course) because I love seeing the faces of people in my life around my dining table.

I tell my wife that I’m happy to pick up food from the grocery store but my true motive is to pick up a bottle of wine at the liquor store next door.

I can’t wait to hear your love story.


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