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I find inspiration in emotion, I love the connection that light and sound can make with a person.

You cant beat golden hour on a sunny summer evening.

I’m bred from the mountains. As a lifetime local in small town British Columbia I’m driven by the beauty of nature.

Have you ever just looked straight up a tree? Wild stuff.

I am a mountain biker, skier, musician and filmmaker. I’m motivated by action.

I drive a soccer mom van. But I don’t like soccer.  But it carries all my gear.

I’m a sucker for dogs. And kids.

Anything small and cute, really.

I spend my winters in the backcountry as a Big Mountain Ski Athlete.

I’ve been told I ski better than I walk.  I think I have a damn sexy walk.  Ask and I’ll show you.

I want to take everything you are feeling and and roll it up into an incredibly powerful piece of personal cinema. 

I’ll be there cheering the loudest when Grandma tee’s up that shot ski shot of tequila at the end of the night.

I can’t wait to hear your love story.


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