Sameday Slideshow

Before you read any further..DISCLAIMER: I don’t normally share sameday slideshows since I don’t really get a chance to edit the images, most of them are straight out of camera. No finessing. But I decided I wanted to share this one because, I just felt like it. Not much of a reason eh… but good enough!

I told a certain bride that I wouldn’t be posting any images on the blog about her wedding, and I’m technically not breaking any rules.  And really, these are my rules. My ball. I’m taking my ball home if you won’t play nice.  But she’s playing nice so I’m gonna share.  Share the sameday slideshow from Shevaun & Derek’s truly beautiful and mind-bending wedding at The Ranche here in Calgary.  Hooray for nonsensical sentences!

The theme of the wedding was the way it should be.  All about family, and I knew this going in to the wedding, so I tailored the images around this theme to create beautiful custom photos for them and for their family.  I kinda feel it turned it out pretty sweeeet.

For those who watch this slideshow you’re gonna be all “wait the what?! This song is so romantic. And these images make me want to cry. I’m so happy for Shevaun and Derek and I don’t even know them.  Now I want to know them.  They look so awesome and like such amazing people.  Shevaun & Derek please call me, my number is 222-2222“.  But they won’t call because you’re being creepy.

Shevaun and I have talked and with all of the gorgeous details we can’t wait to have her wedding submitted to a wedding inspiration site and/or publication.  It was crazy ridickydonk how radical this wedding was.

“Hey TLAW, stop the mindless blog yammering and lets see the slideshow!”

Ok. I talked lots because by the time you’re done reading this, the video should have loaded…ok, NOW you can enjoy.

Music by Brian McKnight