50% awesomer – a TLAW portraiteraweseomest sale

It really is 50% awesomer if you can get a something at 50% off regular price. I’ve done the research and it shows that I’m 50% happier than normal when I pay 50% less. And I want you to be happy, but only in the month of October. Confused?

Allllrighty then here’s the deal. I’m offering up a SALE on my portrait sessions. That’s right, a discount, savings, price reduction, save-you-money money money monay type of thing!

For all portrait sessions booked to take place in the month of October I’m offering up portrait sessions for $400 for up to 4.5 people (If you can come up with half a person to shoot that would be gnarly) which includes a disc of edited images. You’re all commissioning a portrait…”how is this a sale” right? Here’s the dizzle, I normally charge $800 for what I’m offering here, so if I carry the 1 and subtract 10 and add 28 times the GST that equals a 50% savings. Better than those crazy scratch n’ saves from The Bay . And you don’t need to scratch anything but your nose. If it’s itchy. If not, then find something else to scratch. I don’t care. Just get on this deal because it’s the biggest discount I’ve ever offered for any of my sessions!

AND check outside…the leaves are changing color! Is there a better time of year to have photos taken in Calgary, or anywhere in Alberta for that matter?

And check this, Susan and Khoa are all “this is the type of awesome photographic art you can get if you have a session with TLAW. Look at us stylin’ and profilin’ at our wedding last weekend at Red Deer Lake.”

If you’re interested you gotta contact me asap as I only have a limited number of spots open due to my travel plans to New York – and yes, this deal applies to all sessions done in New York while I’m there too!

Ok call me, email me, facebook me, tweet me, whatever it takes! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Red Deer Lake Wedding Photographers

  • Maggie Stevenson said:

    Beautiful picture of you and Khoa
    Thankyou for sharing